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畢業季 👉 任2件 85折 👈

▎關於紙革 Paper Leather  ▎
PAPER LEATHER is a new kind of environmentally-friendly material made by natural fiber, which is non-toxic and can be decomposed naturally in the soil. It will naturally generate beautiful creases like leather after being used for some time. 
▎紙革保養小秘訣 Care   ▎


紙革經使用後會吸附手上的油質而變的溫潤,如喜歡這樣的手感,平日可以使用紙革專用保養油,均勻的塗抹於紙革上,靜置20~40分鐘待保養油吸收。保養之後的紙革會呈現微微的光澤感,更加溫潤迷人喔 ! 建議可每2個月進行一次清潔.保養,滋養您的紙革物件,為他保持迷人風采!


Spread even dabs of lotion on the PAPER LEATHER. Rub the lotion gently across the surface until it is absorbed. After doing so, the PAPER LEATHER will yield a faint glow, adding to it's gentle and charming tactile feeling.



2個步驟, 讓你的紙革錢包煥然一新

▎關於毛氈 Felt   ▎
由台灣在地的優質紡織工廠製造生產,選材用料都經嚴格把關,符合國際標準。 毛氈是一種100%可回收再製的永續環保材質。 與一般針織布由經緯編織而成不同,毛氈以針軋法製成。 透過數千支針刺不斷的上下反覆刺鉤,讓纖維間彼此糾結,再經整燙壓光而成,具觸感柔軟.吸震.耐衝擊.透氣等特性,提供重要的證件更安心的防護。
Manufactured by a local quality textile factory in Taiwan, the material is strictly selected, which complies with the international standards. Felt is a 100% recyclable, reusable, sustainable and environmental-friendly material. Different from common fabrics which are made by warp and weft, felt is made by stitching.Thousands of needles stitch up and down repeatedly, so that the fibers are linked together, and then ironed and calendared. With its soft feel, anti-scratch, and vibration-absorption features, it provides the assured protection for your beloved 3C products.